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The links below should be of interest to everyone. Not all of the links you will find here will be on the subject of Line Dancing, but most of them will be. Feel free to surf the different web sites and know that you will find each and every link, and web site interesting, informative and enlightening.

Kick It

This web site is dedicated to a pair of activities that provide participants with fun and good health; please see youth soccer and line dancing.

National Teachers Association
for Country Western Dance

The NTA is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1986 to promote Country Western dancing, establish communication among dance teachers, develop standardized terminology and school figures, and develop and maintain high standards for teachers to more effectively instruct others in the art and practice of Country Western dancing.


Website with step sheets and videos.  This is one of our favorite sites for step sheets.  Our first choice is the original from the choreographer.


YouTube is a video sharing web site where users can upload, view, and share video clips. See line-dance videos here.

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