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Texas Line Dance Jamboree

The 2017 Jamboree will be in Hurst, Texas October 13-14.  For more information on upcomming workshops please go to the link below:

New Mexico Area Jamborees Etc.

11 & 12 August Instructor's Workshop, Carlsbad NM
Contact Jean Loafman at
23 September

Zia Zingers Mini Jam Demming

%u200B10 am - 3pm  contact

26-27 April,  2018 New Mexico Line Dance Jamboree, Albuquerque, NM
Contact Mary Garcia at 505-239-1209 or  

8-9 September      Dancing For The Dream, Jamboree & Workshop, Lubbock Texas 


Teacher/Instructor Training

Do you know the difference between:

A Paddle Turn and a Push Turn?  A Jazz Box and a Jazz Triangle?  A Shuffle and a Triple Step? A Lock Step and a Wizard Step?  Are all Box Steps Rhumba Boxes?
These are some of the more common steps that require clarification.  Our training with the National Teachers Association has greatly improved our knowledge and teaching capability
Every class we teach we try to improve our students knowledge of line dance steps.
With our membership to this organization we are continously supported with a Newsletter which is published every other month.
There are 5 Levels of training and one may choose to test on each level or simply attend the training. 
If you want to know more about the wonderful training NTA offers, go to or contact us.  If you are interested in a training class contact Angie  915-241-1154


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